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Trouble with Downloadables?



You are not alone! EBook and downloadable audiobook providers have been updating their apps over the past few months. It is possible to have trouble downloading our books if we get behind in updating our reading and listening devices.


These are the troubleshooting steps our staff at the Tech Center take when  your app is giving you trouble.

  1. Are you sure you are using the correct log in information for the app? You would be surprised at how easy it is to forget your log in information if you have not used your app for a while.
  2. Have you tried turning your device all the way off and all the way on again? This can help clear the memory of errors and lets your device start fresh.
  3. Does your device need to have new updates installed for its operating system? Always try to keep your device up-to-date.
  4. Does your app need updating? App developers do try to listen to what their users want. This means that some apps are updated often. When an app has a big update you can always count on needing little updates, called bug fixes. Install those, too.
  5. If none of these fixes work, make sure you have all of your apps set up information on hand and delete the app. Go to your devices app store and download the app again. Go ahead and set it up again using your information for setting up the app.
  6. If you have done all of this, stop by the Tech Center or give us a call at 513-932-2665.


Posted 2/8/2016


Happy New Year!

The new year is a time we celebrate with family and friends. Or maybe we stay in, to rest and recover from celebrations with family and friends! Whichever it may be, many of us take it as the time to set goals for the upcoming year.

What follows is a general list of the most common resolutions for 2016. A few more specific ideas that fit are listed below the resolution. Click on the links to see what our different downloadable collections have to offer you! (For the Ohio Digital Library Overdrive collection, just type the topic into the search bar and search.)

Top 2016 New Year’s resolutions:

1 – Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Better Career – Freading

Hobbies – Axis360 – Freading – Zinio

Travel – Axis360

2 – Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Cooking at Home –  Axis360  – Zinio

Fitness – Axis360 – Freading

Mindfulness –  Freading – OneClickdigital

3 – Lose Weight

Diet – Axis360

Exercise – Freading

4 – Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Family & Relationships – Axis360

Parenting –  Zinio

5 – Save More, Spend Less

Do-It-Yourself – Freading

Finance – Freading  – Zinio

posted January 11, 2016

If reading a book on a tablet or listening to a book on your phone is a new idea, rest easy. The staff at the Lebanon Public Library offers a couple of ways help you get your device set up!

  • The Library offers instruction twice a day on Tech Tuesdays at 1:00pm and at 6:00pm. Classes vary so check the schedule.
  • Staff is also available to sit down with you on a one-on-one basis any time the library is open to help with set up or help troubleshoot app issues.

Featured Collection
Doctor Who? Whether you are a fan of the classic Doctor or the current mad man in a box, you will want to hear his adventures voiced by some of the original companions!

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