Getting the Most Out of Your Library

Plain and simple:  Our aim in this blog is to help you get the most out of your library by connecting you to the books, classes, and resources we offer.

The Lebanon Public Library website provides access to a multitude of information and resources.  As you browse the Library’s website, you may notice that, whether online or in print, the Library offers more than you realized.

Our Library blog shines a light on specific items, both on our website and beyond, that will connect you to a wide array of information, resources, and events.  Trying to figure out what to read next?  Curious about a certain topic and wondering where to start looking?  Each week, we create posts around the idea of helping you explore our vast library.

Technology Center: News and Events

In addition to the above, this blog provides easy access to information related to the Lebanon Public Library Technology Center.

Every week, the Technology Center offers different classes…from figuring out computer basics, to downloading eBooks, to unlocking computer science expertise through DIY electronics–and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

To help you sort out Tech Center news, events, and classes, this blog links you to our social networks and to the Tech Center’s events calendar.  Many of these classes and events have limited seating.  The “Tech Center Classes” section of our blog makes it easy for you to register for learning opportunities that pique your interest.


It can be overwhelming to think about how much your library offers, and sometimes, it may be hard to know where to begin.  This blog will feature great book collections, spotlight useful resources, and keep you, our valued patron, informed about current and upcoming Lebanon Public Library events.

In other words, it’s all about connectivity.  Our library’s mission is to connect our community to the books, information, and resources it needs to grow and thrive.  Moreover, this blog’s purpose is to forge a deeper connection with you to the library’s past,  present, and future in order to better fulfill this mission.